The final level of the SAMR model is known as redefinition. As with the modification level, redefinition looks at the transformation of the way students learn using technology as a support for learning (Puentedura, 2020). At the redefinition level, the teacher develops new activities and strategies which would be previously impossible as an analogue activity, requiring … Continue reading Redefinition


The third level of the SAMR model refers to the process of modification. The focus turns from just the enhancement of lessons using digital mediums to the complete transformation of learning activities from analogue mediums to digital (Hamilton, et al. 2016). Teachers using the modification level have a range of possibilities at their disposal in … Continue reading Modification


Like with the substitution level, the augmentation level of the SAMR model refers to the use of technology as a direct substitution for analogue technology. At this level, the aim is the improvement of outcomes and the effectiveness of the activity. The first two levels of the SAMR model substitution and augmentation focus on the … Continue reading Augmentation